Kagoule are a Nottingham-based grunge trio, whose members have only just left college. Impact spoke to Cai (Vocals / Guitar) and Lucy (Vocals / Bass) about their brief history as a band so far, how they’d describe their own songs and their plans for the future.

How did you meet?

CAI: We all met in school in Nottingham when we were around 15. We had mutual interests and gravitated together. We combined on the PE fields…and created a mega-human, that became Kagoule.

Everybody compares you to 90s bands. Is this a conscious decision?

LUCY: The only reason we started listening to 90s music is after people started comparing us to those bands.

CAI: I wrote ‘Monarchy’ when I was fourteen without really listening to the bands that people have compared it to. I guess, I’d listened to stuff that was influenced by the 90s. For example, we’re still big Biffy Clyro fans; the The Vertigo of Bliss is one of those albums we listen to every day.

Do you agree that you sound like some of these bands?

LUCY: …some of them. We have some Smashing Pumpkins riffs and I can sort of hear the Nirvana comparisons. You know, the whole trashy thing.

CAI: I suppose it’s the song structure and the whole melodic-but-heavy feel, it means that they don’t have anywhere else to go but 90s music. It’s funny, because 90s bands aren’t even the bands that we listen to the most.

Would you say that Nottingham’s music scene is in a healthy state?

CAI: Errrrr…yeah? There are some really great labels, like Gringo, for example. Everyone helps each other out.

LUCY: It’s better than a lot of places…but…there are only a few venues. The Chameleon and Bodega are really good, but there isn’t enough underground stuff.

Do you have plans for university?

CAI: I kind of do, but we’re going to see what happens, how things go. There’s no timescale, everything’s been moving so quickly.

 Alex Neely

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