Impact Visits: Gamecity 8


Welcome to the first of Impact’s Gamecity 8 coverage, here in Nottingham from the 19th to the 26th of October. When we arrived, we were greeted by a fairly busy room; loads of  game developers were set up with demos and alphas of their babies, all fired up and ready to be played by members of the public.

The first game Impact tried was Delta-V Racing, created by Spacehopper Studios and available on iOS and Android. It’s a 2D racing game similar to Wipeout, where the objective is to win races. It has a variety of game modes, which the player runs through quickly, including Hot Lap, 1-on-1 and Race. The Sectors mode, where you have to race through as many sectors as possible without your ship being destroyed, has that essential ‘one-more-go’ quality and because of that, I recommend this game to all your smartphone users out there.

Impact also spoke to Jay Adeloye, the co-founder/lead developer of Drop Dead Interactive, about their game Heisenburg: a zombie hack-n-slash game where you play as the titular character, who coincidentally is a Knight of the Living Dead, defending his homelands from hordes of flesh-eaters. From what I saw of the developmental build, I really think this game looks impressive. They’ve gone against the stereotype of indie games having to look ‘retro’ and gone for a more polished and visually tasty art style. The gameplay seems clever too; you have your shop in between levels in which you buy upgrades and the like but what’s more noteworthy is the promise of there being a pet dragon of some kind, which automatically makes this game cool. Dragons are always cool.


Lastly, Impact spoke to Sam Albon, the developer of Space Salvager, which he described as a ‘space opera’ and a ‘top-down 2D multiplayer space shooter with RPG elements’. In short, a cracking combination. The little time I spent playing it (due to some annoying bugs that are yet to be ironed out) was pretty good; the free-flowing nature of the exploration shone through and you feel like there is a massive universe out there to explore at your own leisure. I also got chased by some angry space pirates, who apparently won’t attack if you leave them be. I didn’t, and found myself beset with several. Luckily, you can escape with a little bit of a blast from your engines and that’s exactly what I did.


Overall then, a good (if quiet) first day: the schedule for this year’s Gamecity seems to really get going on Monday, where there are multiple events in different places all around Nottingham.

Robert Priest


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