IMPACT’s Essential Student Apps

The world of apps has made student life just that bit easier. With an app nowadays for just about anything, here’s our selection of the best apps for students.

UoN Student: FREE (iOS, Android)

UoN’s very own free student app.  Aside from the fact that some aspects, such as the ‘Photos’ option, are slightly unnecessary and that the app does suffer from some functional flaws and bugs – the app does have some helpful features. Especially useful for those living off campus and on Jubilee, the app has a timetable for hopper buses – as well as a ‘PC Finder’, maps and opening hours of libraries and cafes around campus.


Pin Drop: FREE (iOS, Android)

A free app that has taken the technological world by storm. Ever been to a place and then never remember how you got there, or want to visit somewhere everyone is talking about? Pin drop allows you to bookmark the best locations you have been onto a map so you can share it with friends.  The app allows you to find the most popular places in Nottingham, is useful for restaurant reviews, house hunting and other places for whatever interests you may have.

Dropbox Mobile: FREE (iOS, Android, Blackberry)

Tired of losing 5% on your coursework submissions because your USB pen is playing up last minute? Dropbox Mobile keeps your documents, photos and videos in the world’s most accessible location – the cloud. Save yourself the effort of manually backing up files with automatic syncing straight to your Dropbox account. First time users get 2GB of free storage plus 500MB for every friend you recommend.


iStudiez pro: £1.99 (iOS)

Are you a student who has too much on and just can’t organise your time? Trying to juggle when your next assessment is in, with your next social or lecture? iStudiez pro allows you to schedule and plan your time so you’ll never miss another event, or have any clashes. The app allows you to have a timetable for study and social activities. It organizes your assignments, alerts you of upcoming events and even backs up any work you have saved to your laptop or tablet.

Power Nap – Soundscapes: FREE (iOS)

A powernap has got to be the best cure after too many late nights. This free app helps to cover noises around you with neutral audio tracks, which creates a peaceful atmosphere that soothes you to sleep. With tracks such as Pebble Beach and Forest Night you’re sure to feel calm and mask the din of noisy housemates, or even if you’re trying to catch a rest in the library.

MoneyBook: £1.99 (iOS)

Moving away from home is stressful, especially with the added independence of managing your own money. MoneyBook is a simple app to help you manage your student budget effectively, allowing you keep track of your spending easily, helping you categorise your spending and giving monthly breakdowns.


Evernote: FREE (iOS)

At University note taking is a given; you’ll be faced with an overwhelming amount of information in lectures and seminars. Want to stay ahead of the game? With Evernote, note entries can be made as text, audio or photos, very handy for the times when a pen just isn’t quick enough. It can also be synced with other devices.

Party and Drinking Games: FREE (iOS, Android)

Fresher’s week promises a lot of alcohol, and what better way to get to know your new flatmates than by playing drinking games? This app saves the setup and explains the rules of most drinking games and guarantees a great start to the night. It’s an American app, so with a fair amount of drinking games such as beer pong – but also including classics such as spin the bottle.

Adil Manji, Jessica Hewitt-Dean and Faiza Peeran

Images: Johan Brook, Johan Larsson & Ian Lamont



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