Live Review: Spector, Spanky Van Dykes (04/10/13)

After a hugely successful show at Rescue Rooms last time the band were in Nottingham, Spector returned for a sold out show at Spanky Van Dykes.

The band renowned for their exuberant outfits and strong onstage presence although returning to Nottingham, returned with a change in personnel after Chris Burman left at the start of this year. However the loss didn’t seem to affect them because live they were still seriously impressive.

Coming on stage with a powerful swagger, the band provided the usual greetings and got on with it, kicking off with ‘What You Wanted’. From the start, the crowd were bouncing, there was massive energy in the room, and the band just knew what they were doing. Moving onto my personal favourite song ‘Upset Boulevard’, a track they played for one of the first times at Rescue Rooms last year. The track is lyrically impressive, ‘We didn’t have to fall in love, we could have climbed down slowly’ and lead singer Fred Macpherson, throwing himself into the crowd, was clearly loving every second. I think he spent more time in the crowd then on the stage.

We then got to hear ‘Friday Night’, which Macpherson said he was for once able to play on a Friday night. ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ is one of those albums you cannot stop listening to, each song is an anthem. This really showed in terms of the crowd because everybody was singing, and at times it was almost hard to hear the band themselves! Then came the recently released ‘Decade of Decay’, a song which I was hesitant about when first released, but live it really comes into its own. Once again the whole crowd were chanting the lyrics, and I even got Fred grasping my face and singing it with me. The band are a true set of performers, and they thrive off the crowds energy, so having powered through, ‘Twenty Nothing’, ‘No Adventure’ and ‘Stay High’ it was the turn of ‘Celestine’. From a crowd who were already loving it, it just turned to a different level.

This was followed by new track ‘Reeperbahn’ which can only be defined as classic Spector. ‘Reeperbahn my heart is saying, Reeperbahn my mind is saying, work much harder, take it slower’ which summed up the show really, a band loving every second and providing a setlist of fast and furious songs. The final two tracks were ‘Chevy Thunder’ and ‘Never Fade Away’, and I genuinely can’t think of a better way to end a gig. Walking out of the gig, I don’t think I’ve ever been that satisfied with a performance.

To other bands coming to Nottingham… try and beat this, because in my eyes, this has been the best gig this year.

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