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Believe it or not, there’s more to do in Nottingham than lectures, clubbing and societies, and Impact is determined to experience as much of it as possible. From heated political rallies to teeth chattering ghost walks, we’ll be there. This week James journeys to the far, distant land of Nottingham city centre to try some mini golf.

Enter the underground tropical lair of the Lost City, where the trees are majestic, the walls are collapsing, and where strange pieces of scenery speak to you. This place even has an authentic rainforest climate. Just one word of warning – go dressed for the beach.

Without wanting to give away the location of this secret city, it’s in the bottom of the Cornerhouse, next to the casino. The location is a feat in itself, as the 36 holes available for play cover an enormous amount of ground. The choice of two 18-hole courses, The Sacred Skull or the Temple God (ooohh, scary!), means you could potentially spend an entire adventure-filled afternoon in this place.


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Scenery apart, which really is impressive, the course lacks something of the ridiculous. Don’t go expecting Crazy Golf, because some of it is pretty straightforward. Literally, some of the holes require you to hit a ball in a straight line. As my hideous golfing skills found out though, this can be harder than it sounds, and it’s certainly no simple task to get a hole in one – hidden hills and invisible inclines are always present in the Lost City. So despite these slight complications, simplicity is the word of the day, and there is a marked absence of crazy windmills.


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It’s not all negative though – for a mere 5 quid on student days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) this place is a bargain and a good laugh. Note that on student nights, you can take advantage of the 36 holes and a FREE BEER for a measly tenner!

There are still elements of the genuine absurd that one expects from crazy golf – pipes and talking walls (cheeky walls at that), grand inclines and rocks aplenty more than make up for the slightly disappointing holes. It’s not really about the golfing per-say, it’s more about embarrassing yourself in front of your friends – although obviously that didn’t happen to me. The levels of enthusiasm and competition are always high, and this often leads to a lack of control and thought – be prepared to spend half your time dodging balls from overeager children.

As an alternative on a rainy day, and something to do other than drinking, the Lost City is a great way to spend an hour or two, and well worth checking out!

James Mason

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