‘RiRi <3 MAC’ Fall Makeup Collection

Following the success of her ‘RiRi <3 MAC’ Summer collection, this October Rihanna has launched her new Fall line in collaboration with cosmetic giant MAC . Whilst the previous products focused on coral tones and sheer, shimmery skin, this time Rihanna has traded summer brights for an entirely different, autumnal vibe. Having championed many a look throughout her career, its no doubt that Rihanna’s second offering to makeup lovers will bring something completely new to the (dressing) table.

Her Fall collection features a wide range of products. Rihanna has done everything from makeup brushes to powders, to eyeliner, false lashes, mascara, brow pencil, eye shadow, a cream base, lipgloss, lip pencil and an infamous selection of lipsticks. Her new lipsticks are found in a mid-toned orange frost, plum and the classic must-haves: nude and bright, vivid red – the best-selling Riri ‘Woo’. This penchant for warm tones is replicated throughout the collection, the shadow palettes containing both soft, neutral shades with a golden twist and darker, smokey cocoas for a more dramatic evening look.


As with most celebrity collaborations, the appeal of the collection seems to stem mainly from the name associated with the products and inevitably collaborations become part of the celebrity brand and their ’empire’. Rihanna’s Fall collection is no exception – the products themselves retail at a slightly higher price than other MAC products and are packaged in a rose gold casing emblazoned with Rihanna’s signature scrawl ‘RiRi <3 MAC’ –  even appearing embedded into the lipsticks themselves.

Maybe I’m being cynical, as publicity and the name of the celebrity is perhaps the key to the success of such collaborations, but at the end of the day both Rihanna and Mac are solely aiming to increase their popularity and profits. Needless to say, Rihanna’s Fall makeup line has taken the beauty world by storm. RiRi fans everywhere have been flocking to the shops to get their hands on her new collection. When I went to the MAC store in town they were sold out of virtually every product – they didn’t even have testers so that I could evaluate the products themselves, disappointing. Yay for online shopping!


If any of the products mentioned here tickle your fancy, hurry out to MAC or order them as soon as possible. Rihanna recently instagrammed a promotional image for her new Winter makeup collection with Mac which will be available this December – so there will be a whole new range of ‘RiRi <3 MAC’ products for fans and beauty lovers to feast on (as well as all the mince pies and mulled wine). I know what I’ll be putting on my Christmas wish list!

Tara Bell

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