Rivalries in gaming

IMPACT’S Gaming Team have embedded themselves deep in gaming history, old and new, in order to provide you with the ultimate face off between the biggest rivalries in the Gaming Universe.

Solid Snake vs TF2 Spy

Two masters of stealth and cunning, but only one can be victorious. Although Snake is getting on a bit, he can still show those youngsters what for. The Spy from Team Fortress 2 better be ready for a fight here.

Firstly, let’s look at the Spy’s credentials. Just in case Snake tries any funny business with his gadgets, the Spy has a device built to sap the life out of equipment, which renders most of Snake’s gear useless. He can turn invisible and disguise himself as one of his foes, which is quite the nifty trick. You have to take into account that knife in the back as well. It certainly stacks the odds in favour of the Spy when it comes to who can deliver on the sneaking front. It’s beginning to look like we’ll hear the famous “Snakeeeeeeeeeee!” cry soon enough.

But wait right there! Although the Spy seems to have this fight well and truly won, Snake has his trusty CQC (Close-Quarters Combat) which he has used in the past to great effect in taking down bigger fish than the Spy. However, that’s only if the Spy comes at him from the front, which is unlikely. Lastly, Snake has his famous cardboard box, which has never failed him yet. It is the ultimate piece of stealth equipment and immune to the Spy’s sapping device so it may be, just may be, his way back into this showdown.

Who would win overall? As much as I love Snake, the Spy seems to have the upper hand in this battle. Only time will tell; Snake has got himself out of worse but it doesn’t look good.

 Andrew Ryan vs Mr House

Both these men used their fortunes to finance the realisation of their dreams; but which one will win overall?

Andrew Ryan is still in relatively good physical condition, all things considering, which would give him the edge over the decrepit and withering Mr House in a fair fight. He also plays golf, which automatically skyrockets his evilness rating. He wears a pretty sweet suit too; always important in the world of being a self-styled leader of your own world.

Meanwhile Mr House is basically a zombie in a box. When he eventually does become humanity’s savior, how will he do anything? By giving orders to his robots? That’s hardly befitting a crazy tyrant and, let’s be honest, he doesn’t even want to control the world; he only cares about his own little piece of the world and be damned with the rest.

So in short, no, the House doesn’t always win. If these two wannabe leaders of man ever came face-to-face, Ryan would come out top every time.

Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft

Finally, we have the one and only Lara Croft, star of TOMB RAIDER. And her opposition is relatively-new-kid-on-the-block Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series of games.

Although she started off in gaming as an undeniable sex symbol, she has become much more than another pretty face. She’s not only more established and experienced than Drake but she’s faced off against just as dangerous threats as Drake, putting them at an equal footing, if not tipping the scales in favour of Lara.

However, Nate has friends in the form of Sully and Elena, which puts him at an advantage if he gets into trouble; at least he has someone to help him. He’s also had the better games recently compared to Ms Croft, which may make him more popular in the eyes of the gaming world. He’s witty and charming, which are skills valuable to any adventurer. In short, he’s kind of like a virtual Indiana Jones.

So overall then, who wins out as king or queen of the jungle? Controversially, I’ll have to go for Drake. Although Lara is an iconic character and easily one of gaming’s greatest heroes, she’s been upstaged in recent times by a new challenger. Maybe one day, we’ll see the return of the great Ms Croft, but Drake has her beaten as it stands.


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