The Halloween Round-Up: Creepy Costumes and Budget Buys

Less than a week to go until spook-fest 2013 and here we are again trawling the Internet for costume inspiration. To help you out, we’ve rounded up our favourite high-fashion Halloween looks to show you what could be achieved if time and money weren’t an issue. But we know all too well that student costumes come on a budget, so check out our DIY kit below of the five essential Halloween items that will take you from school to ghoul in no time at all.

To start things off with a bang is the Halloween Queen, Heidi Klum.


Every year she hosts the biggest party in America and definitely knows how to make an entrance. In 2011, she piled on the fur in New York as an outrageous ape before stripping down to the bone in Vegas. Literally (The woman was wheeled in on a hospital bed for crying out loud; A+ for effort, Heidi).

If we’re crowning Heidi our Queen, then Tim Burton is surely our King. As the director of Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, there’s no denying he’s the Grand-daddy of Goth. His shoot from 2009 filled the pages of Harper’s Bazaar with all kinds of weird and wonderful. Our favourite image shows what we could achieve with a lot of time, patience, toilet roll and a paper mache head.

Tim Burton Harper's Bazaar

Looking to the catwalk, Autum/Winter ’13 collections were full of punk inspired looks with lace and tartan being championed by designers such as Isabel Marent and Versace.

For this Halloween, perhaps pumpkin chic is a look you want to try.

pumpkin dress_Fotor


Or what about My Fair Lady gone bad? If you’ve got sewing skills to share, one of the middle creations might be right up your street. Or if you stumble upon an abandoned mansion, a bit of back-combing is all you’ll need.



As always the high street hasn’t failed to provide their own, more affordable, ghoulish garments. Here are our favourite picks available now…


Skirt: Topshop, £34; Dress: Miss Selfridge, £35; Dress: Topshop, £29; Jumper: ASOS Mens, £28


If it’s a quick fix that you need though, here’s our guide to a DIY Halloween costume:

1. Bin bags. If you want to style your inner Dracula/ Wicked Witch, fashion yourself a cape or dress from a bin bag or two.
2. Talcum powder. Have you ever seen a zombie with glossy hair? Didn’t think so. Grab a bottle of talc and apply generously to your roots, you’ll look old and withered in no time.
3. Lab coat. For all the scientists and engineers out there, there’s never been a better excuse to bring this bad boy home. We believe the mad scientist is totally underrated. Think Back to the Future meets Saw, but don’t even mention Human Centipede. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
4. Face paint. Black eyes, foot-long scars, white faces and bleeding mouths. ‘Nuff said.
5. And finally, where would be without fake blood. The quickest of all fixes, simply hose down your 7 Legged costume with buckets of blood and you’re ready to go.

Happy Halloween!

Beth Edwards & Lydia Raine

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