What’s On Your Doorstep?…Trent Bridge

In the first of a regular series exploring the sporting life of Nottingham, Jono Hoyer discovers the city’s premier cricket venue.

What’s On Offer?

I’m not going to begin to claim to be a massive cricket fan, nor do I know a great deal about the sport so I was slightly apprehensive prior to attending Trent Bridge for the first time. To be honest, my initial expectation of a cricket match was a group of old men sat reading newspapers applauding every time a boundary was hit.

In fact, it came as something of a shock to see such a diverse group of people all completely immersed in the game. Head of Marketing and Communications, Michael Temple attributed this to the clubs “underlying commitment towards even those who are not hard-core cricket fans”, stating that there was “something for everybody.” This seems to be reflected through the enthusiasm of a wide cross-section of fans and the near-comical chart music after every over or six which goes towards making it a lighter hearted affair.

Furthermore, the stewards and staff provide a brilliant level of hospitality which goes towards explaining how the ground has achieved the Best Spectator Experience award for the past 5 years! When you’re lucky enough to have the elusive British sun beating down on you, with the speed and excitement of the game of T20 you’re in for a real sporting treat which will stay as a memory for some time.


So, here come the two big questions as a student. How much will a pint and a ticket set you back? Surprisingly little! In fact, if you were to go and see an international match, such as the Ashes and are lucky enough to be under 21, you can get a ticket for around £20 (subject to change) which is a whopping £60 saving, as when you turn 21 it’s £80! You’ll have to wait until 2015 before it makes its return to Trent Bridge though I’m afraid.

A pint is roughly £3.60 and a burger £3.50 which isn’t going to break the bank either. Alternatively, a standard season ticket as a student (which allows you to watch all domestic games and enter the Pavilion where the players walk out of prior to match day) is a mere £34 for all the cricket you could wish to feast your eyes on over the summer. That could be as little as forgoing a night out a week. The ability to walk around the Pavilion and bump into the likes of England stars Stuart Broad, James Taylor and Alex Hales all prior to the match is also something of a treat. In fact, we were lucky enough to be stood in the tunnel with the teams prior to the match, a moment which will certainly stay in my memory.


The only downside to the whole experience could be getting there. Be aware that parking can be a nightmare and the walk is a trek! A useful tip would be to get a number 36, y36 or 24 bus (there are several others) to the bus station and either catch another short bus journey to the ground or take a 25 minute walk past some of the other great sporting venues in the city.

So what can Trent Bridge offer you? Well…. The cheapest student tickets of any cricket ground in England’s top league, a brilliant spectator experience and one of the best days out for you and your mates that Nottingham has to offer. Need I say more?

Jono Hoyer

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