5 wacky modules you can study at UoN

Foundations in Politics, Introduction to Biochemistry and Applied Algebra. These are typical modules you’ll find at Nottingham and indeed any other university. But there are far more interesting subjects out there  –  did you know that you could study these topics at UoN?

5. Underwater Archaeology – 2nd Year Archeology


Ever wanted to go and explore the Titanic shipwreck? This module teaches you about the techniques used when excavating underwater sites and what we can learn from them. As well as dealing with shipwrecks, you’ll learn about what lake dwellings, submerged cities and sunken harbours can tell us about history. One of the topics is ‘treasure hunting’ so you might also find out how to become rich quick.

4. Politics and Drugs – 3rd Year Politics


Any Breaking Bad fans will love this module. You won’t learn how to make crystal meth but you will study the production, consumption and drug trade and its implications for the political system. This applied politics module is unique amongst UK universities.

3. Robin Hood Studies – MA History 


Should you decide to do a Master in History, you can opt to study the Robin Hood pathway. You’ll study the ballads tales surrounding this medieval legend and ultimately make up your mind: was he merely a glorified thief, or a justified vigilante?

2. Beastly Questions – 3rd Year Archeology


This module wins the award for having the funnest sounding name.  You’ll study the human-animal relationship throughout history and how it can explain society, from the prehistoric ‘let’s stab mammoths and wear their skin’ business, to the modern day domestic pet relationship.

1. Packaging of Beer – MSc Brewing Science


You can take a degree in brewing? A whole module dedicated to the art of packaging beer, not only to make sure it doesn’t leak but so that it still tastes nice when it’s finally drunk. You also learn all about the legal side of packing alcoholic substances, and there’s probably a lot of practical work (tasting) involved…

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