Autumn Nail Essentials

With the onset of the cold weather, it’s time to ditch the fun neon favourites for some more ‘autumn appropriate’ colours, and the same goes for your nail varnish. Switching seasonal pallets can become a bit pricey but there are ways to do it without breaking the bank – alongside high-street deals, the Victoria Centre market can be the perfect place to get your hands on all your autumn essential nail varnishes from just £1!


When it comes to nail colour, you can never go wrong with a black. It goes with everything and is a definite staple of any girl’s autumn/winter nail varnish collection. Greys (both light and dark) are other versatile colours that are perfect for this time of year. Both of these colours can be great bases for nail art too, and experimenting with nail pens and glitter can be a great way to brighten up your autumn polish.

For those of you who crave colour through the winter months, dark reds and berry colours are a great way to make the transition from summer to autumn. Sleek has some gorgeous deep berry colours which are an autumn must have and a bargain at £2.99 from Superdrug. The range also includes a number of navy blues and deep greens which are another great way to include colour in your autumn polish collection.


But what good is all of this if it doesn’t last? We’ve all battled with nail varnish, even the more expensive ones, in an effort to make them last longer- but somehow the majority of them seem to chip almost instantaneously. A top coat sent from heaven is the solution to all your problems; Orly Sec ‘n’ Dry, it gives you that tough gel finish that lasts and it dries your polish in seconds. At £7.43 from Amazon it isn’t exactly the most student friendly product on the market, but with all the savings you’ll make on your autumn staple nail varnish, it’s well worth the extra pennies.

Mackenzie Orrock

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