Can I Arts you a question? Do artists need to stop speaking out their arses?

Meet Charlotte Young. An aspiring artist who tears apart her own work to create a self-depreciating, clever and ironic video. Yes, it was probably created purely for publicity purposes, and with over 200,000 hits is clearly a very successful advertising tool. However, the idea is still relevant.

The world of art has, and always will have, an element of pretension that turns people away. Perhaps it’s because young artists feel the need to prove that art college was not just a bad alternative to uni. Or perhaps it’s something that just comes with the territory of being ‘artistic’.

You could argue that successful ‘low’ artists such as Banksy have begun deconstructing this negative public image of pomp and pretension, however with terms like ‘high art’ and ‘low art’ still existing perhaps this debate is still extremely relevant.

What do you think? Do artists need to stop speaking out their arses ?

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