Crack down on Christmas Cravings

It’s easy to slip into a routine of popping to Sainsbury’s and treating yourself to a £1 bag of minstrels, but sometimes we have to put down the half-price chocolate fudge cake and walk along the dust-coated fruit and vegetable aisle. With Christmas coming up, we’ll soon be stocking up on pigs in blankets, extra roast potatoes and those beloved sprouts… Until then we want to be able to squeeze into those slimming jeans, and not get stuck like Santa in the chimney.

So here’s a list of healthy, tasty, affordable snacks for students to tuck into – we may be hiding under layers of jumpers and coats, but we want to feel good inside too.

1)     An essential fridge item, and absolute God-send, is hummus. It goes with everything from carrots, cucumber and mushrooms to wholemeal pita bread or a green salad. With a variety to choose from, such as caramelized onion, lemon and coriander and sweet harissa, you can add an extra flavour to tickle your taste buds.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, hummus is easy to make yourself. In a blender, whizz these ingredients together:

–        1 tin of chickpeas,

–        1 tablespoon of oil,

–        1 garlic clove,

–        Juice of half a lemon,

–        1 tbsp tahini (which can be bought in a large supermarket)

–        125ml of water: add until it is the right consistency to your liking.

2)     Instead of going for a share bag of salt and vinegar crisps, buy a packet of ryvitta. They last a lot longer and have an array of flavours, from savoury pepper and dark rye to sweet fruit. Add a layer of peanut butter and honey or dried apricots to make them tastier.

3)     It’s easy to grab a couple of chocolate digestives with a cup of tea, but turn your back on the biscuits and try natural yoghurt and fruit – it’s the perfect combination, especially for those who love a little sweet treat and pick up through the day or after a meal. If you need an extra sugar boost, add a drizzle of honey or go for a fruit-flavoured yoghurt.

4)     An easy snack is definitely a chocolate bar: Wispa, Galaxy Caramel, Kit Kat Chunky (the list is tempting enough)… but instead go nuts for a nut bar. There are hundreds to choose from including the ‘eat natural’ or ‘the food doctor’ range; and if you can’t handle a bar of nuts, buy a bag instead. A handful of peanuts, cashews or a mixture including dried cranberries or raisins is tasty and gets you through writing the final paragraph of an essay.

5)     Finally, fruit is the perfect snack because it’s healthy and filled with natural Vitamins and Minerals. If you’re bored of the usual banana or apple, go wild and try kiwis or a pink grapefruit (you can even get three for £1.20)!

We’ve got just over a month until those stockings will be filled of chocolate goodies and a Christmas roast will be making your belly growl; but until then try sticking to these tasty snacks throughout the day to keep your body feeling healthy and to ensure you can stuff yourself through the Christmas period!

Gabriella Block

Image: Kevin Dooley via Flickr


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