Don’t Hate, Procrastinate! #3

Description: Don’t waste your time when you’re wasting time! This Procrastination Pack is your weekly dose of internet, in which we find the best things to do when you should be writing an essay/in a seminar/having a shower.

Directions for use: One pack weekly. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Links are in the titles.

May include: Baking-related fun, obscure Russian tunes and a famous cat.


Ruby Tandoh Has A Funny Face 


The latest series of Great British Bake Off has just finished but one contestant that stood out was Ruby Tandoh. The student split opinion with her constant self-depreciation and face-pulling. Have a scroll through the gallery and see if you can emulate any of her expressions.



 Mary Berry Has Fingers In All The Pies 

Another GBBO-related item (sorry, not sorry). Even if you aren’t a fan, this parody account does offer some funny, innuendo-filled tweets. My favourites are the words of the day such as: Today’s word of the day is ‘DRIZZLE’ as in drizzle honey all over your hot, fresh muffins.


The “Error 404 Page Not Found”  Screen Is A Lot More Fun In Russia

When a page won’t load for us in the UK we generally get something that looks like this:


This is apparently the page that comes up if you try and go on a website that doesn’t exist in Russia.

russian 404

My housemates and I have spent many hours dancing to this. We don’t regret it. In fact, whilst writing this article, I procrastinated by spending about ten minutes dancing to it.


David Tennant Gets Around 

twilight tennant

A good old photoshop meme. David Tennant’s legacy as the Doctor lives on as he makes his way onto different TV shows such as the Teletubbies, travels back in time and even does a spot of modelling.



This Cat Is Currently Winning Teh Internetz


Finally, this cat is billed as the cutest cat on the Internet. I’m not too sure because its eyes are bit too big for my liking. But there are hundreds of pictures of this cat doing the most mundane things: drinking bubble tea, pretending to be a pumpkin and also just sitting there looking at the camera completely oblivious of its internet fame.


Caroline Chan 

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