Don’t Hate, Procrastinate! #4

Description: Don’t waste your time when you’re wasting time! This Procrastination Pack is your weekly dose of the Internet, in which we find the best things to do when you should be writing an essay/in a seminar/having a shower.

Directions for use: One pack weekly. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Links are in the titles.

May include: Sloths, obscure Russian tunes and a famous cat.


I need a new Internet animal 

If you’re a prize procrastinator, it’s likely that you’ve already set eyes on every Lol-Cat there is to see. But don’t worry! You needn’t resign yourself to some actual work yet….not when you can refresh this single landing page to reveal different pictures of your new Internet friend, the sloth. There’s funny sloth, cute sloth and major swag sloth, along with a liberal dose of “Fuck” thrown in. You’re welcome.
Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 11.35.25
Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 11.36.10

Actually, I hate sloths… 


Well maybe dogs and trippy music are your kind of thing….We’re all for variety.

Don’t forget your password 


Worried that your online passwords aren’t strong enough? Just type them into PaP (The Passive Aggressive Password Machine) and get the honest opinion on the random word/number combinations you pick to safe-guard your Facebook and online banking accounts.

To waste extra time, take note from PaP and change the passwords on your most important accounts, walk away and forget about it for 20 minutes, then try to log back in. See. Fun times all round.


Reconstruct a comment war

As we all know, one of the best ways to waste precious time is to start/get embroiled in an online fight on that battle field known as the “comment box”. But for the really committed among you, why not follow in the footsteps of these two blokes, who, for reasons I’m not quite sure of, chose to dramatise a comment war between two teenage girls on a One Direction video. Worth it purely to see one old man call another old man a “shit face liar”.

Don’t press the button 


When nothing but the most mindless procrastination will do, just press the red button. The Internet really doesn’t want you to. Although it does go to the trouble of giving you a different comment/flash animation/size button every time you defy orders. It’s almost like they want you to fail your degree…


Millie Cepelak 

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