Five Things You Should Know About Living In Nottingham If You’re a Northerner

Although Nottingham isn’t necessarily far from the North of the country, you might notice just how many Southerners there are amongst the University of Nottingham student body compared to Northerners. This is hardly surprisingly considering that only 17% of undergrads at UoN come from the North.

This leaves us Northerners with a few things to bear in mind when we move to Nottingham…

1. The neglected ‘meat and potato pasty’.


While we have to be grateful that Greggs has moved down the country with us, it seems to have left the meat and potato pasty behind. Unfortunately for us pastry loving Northerners, not only are the Midlands the end of the North, but also the end of the meat and potato pasty. While to us, meat and potato is a match made in heaven, to anyone south of the M1 it doesn’t seem to be as appealing.

2) People will point out your accent.

Although we may think our accent is barely noticeable, to the Southern population of the University we all sound like Peter Kay. We Northern Monkeys will always be teased for our accents.

3)   Be aware of the Northern Stereotypes.


It’s not uncommon to meet people who have never been north of Nottingham, so as you can imagine some interesting stereotypes have formulated. Don’t be surprised if you come across someone who believes the North is still ‘industrialised’ or that we all walk around wearing tweed flat caps. Oh, and remember everyone automatically assumes we eat, sleep, breathe and even bathe in gravy. Eee by gum!

4)   No one does a brew like us Northerners.


 It’s a fact: no one makes a brew (cup of tea) like us Northerners. Unless it’s from Yorkshire, it isn’t real tea. But, don’t worry -for the picky tea drinkers amongst us, Yorkshire Tea has kindly introduced a ‘Hard Water Blend’. You can have the perfect brew wherever you are.

5)   The Lingo


Travelling from the North to the Midlands you will notice some differences in jargon. Don’t be surprised if you get some funny looks when you ask your mates if they’re coming for ‘dinner’ at 1pm. Apparently, this is ‘Lunch’, whereas our evening meal is now ‘Dinner’. Most importantly, it’s in your best interest to always be aware that ‘Cock’ is not a term of affection in anywhere but the North.

Abby Ross

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  • Robert Priest
    29 November 2013 at 14:52
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    I definitely agree with the meat and potato one; I walked into a chippy in Nottingham last year and asked for a meat and potato pie. The looks of confusion said it all.

  • Natasha Gregson
    1 December 2013 at 15:57
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    This is so true! I used to get confused when people talked about going out for ‘supper’ at first. Equally, they probably thought by ‘tea’, I meant an actual cup of tea 🙂

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