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Government Invests Millions in Nottingham Postgraduate Science and Engineering Training

Postgraduate Science and Engineering training is to receive government funding of £350 million.

The University of Nottingham is one of 24 UK universities that is set to receive funding for postgraduate science and engineering training.

The government intends to invest £350 million into over 70 new Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs), according to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

This is the largest investment in postgraduate training in engineering and science. The EPSRC has allocated the money to areas which it believes are important to the future of the UK’s economy.

Nottingham is expecting four new CDTs on Advanced Therapeutics & Nanomedicines, My Life in Data, Sustainable Chemistry and Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing. The CDTs are designed to allow students to gain their PhD alongside preparing them with the specific skills and confidence they will need to work in these industries.

Universities and Science Minister David Willetts supports the public funding going into our future scientists as he believes they are “vital to our economy and society” and that they “drive growth across a range of sectors”.

He was also pleased about the universities collaborating with a total of 1000 partners in business and industry, which is expected to provide around £250 million of extra support for the CDTs.

Professor Cameron Alexander, the applicant for the CDT on Advanced Therapeutics & Nanomedicines, has said that “with the new funding we have additional industry sponsors” and that “this reaffirms the leading role of Nottingham in research into new medicines” and “gives us the chance to make real, lasting scientific advances with societal benefit”.

The success of existing CDTs means that the EPSRC may announce a further group of Centres if more resources can be secured.

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