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I decided to return to this great game after hearing that Mirrors Edge 2 is in development and I wanted to re-experience the original game.

Mirrors Edge is a futuristic first person free running game that takes place in a dystopic city. You play as Faith, a runner whose career is being an underground courier of information, which has become the only way to covertly communicate since the government is controlling all other means of communication in the city.

You get wrapped in a massive conspiracy reaching the highest levels of government and your estranged sister is set up to take the blame for a murder she did not commit. You must find out what is going on and who is behind it all while having a blast jumping around rooftops and evading police.

Mirrors Edge definitely stands out for its excellent graphical design and atmosphere.

Mirrors Edge definitely stands out for its excellent graphical design and atmosphere. Levels are diverse and filled with contrasting and sharp colours and abstract aesthetic design, which both enforce the freedom on the rooftops and shows off the darker side of the underground world of the city streets.
The story is excellent, but as many have pointed out, seems very short, so there isn’t much time to get emotionally involved in what’s going on.


Concept of mirrors edge is very unique for its time, it was less focused on shooting and fighting and more on free running and finding ways to move around the map to reach your goal. Multiplayer involves you doing speed runs through the levels and trying to achieve the fastest possible time and compare it with people around the world.

Mirrors Edge is definitely an exciting game, and I have caught myself playing it numerous times when I want to break out of the standard gameplay experience.

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