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As a University with three campuses worldwide, Nottingham has a multinational reputation. More so due to fact that international students make up a third of the UK campus’ student population.

A month into the university year and if you’re a UK-based fresher you’re probably just getting used to moving away from home. But what if you had to adjust to an entirely different culture as well? Here are some of the stories that UoN international students have to tell.

Edmond IP

Fact File 1: Edmond Ip

“The UK drinking culture has transformed me.”

Degree: 2nd year (currently deferred) Sociology

Home Country: Hong Kong

Nottingham so far: It’s been awesome. It’s one of the top cities for student life in the UK and the University has lots to offer. The campus is beautiful too.

Adjusting to the UK: It is really different to the culture in Hong Kong but people at the University are used to making friends who are from different cultures, so I didn’t feel alienated at all. I was doubtful for the first few weeks, but after that I got used to Nottingham and really enjoyed it.

New Experiences: Well… I hadn’t been drunk before I went to university… The UK drinking culture has transformed me!

Jaymie Baggerly

Fact File 2: Jaymie Baggerly

“The boys are really skinny.”

Degree: 3rd year. On year abroad studying 1st year archeology.

Home Country: USA

Nottingham so far: It’s fun being around people new to college. Even though I’ve had two years of college, it’s refreshing to be back in an environment where everyone is so excited and going out every night. I like how here everyone goes out all nights of the week, not just at the weekends.

Differences between the UK and US: Food isn’t as good! The boys are really shy. A lot shier than boys at home and they’re really skinny.

Expectations: It’s pretty much lived up to them so far. I guess I was hoping to be a bit more exotic being American, but people are not impressed. It’s really exciting when someone’s like ’Omg you’re an American!’ and they ask questions, but most people are just like ‘okay’. I’m guessing it’s because there are so many foreign kids here.

Sophie Douce

Fact File 3: Sophie Douce 

“Wine tastes like piss here!”

Degree: 3rd year English

Home Country: France

Why Nottingham?: It has a fantastic reputation worldwide, as well as a beautiful campus. Nottingham as a city also has a wealth of history and intrigue with the myth of Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood!

Opinions of Nottingham Students: I have found them to be lovely, polite, open and really accommodating. However, I would say that considering how cold it is, girls do not wear enough on nights out. I don’t understand how anyone could feel warm in so few clothes in such a cold place…

Differences between France and the UK: Firstly, wine is not wine….it tastes like piss here! Also the other day I tried to buy a chopping knife and was asked for my ID which wouldn’t happen in France. My ID was declined due to being written in French. Apparently it had to be in English.

Emily Shackleton,  Jamie Prentis and Sarah Dear

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