Live Review: AlunaGeorge, Rock City (30/10/13)

From start to finish, AlunaGeorge made the crowd party with their effortlessly rhythmic beats.

Rock City was simply buzzing. The opening acts of Tiny Dancer and Mausi faced the difficult challenge of entertaining eager AlunaGeorge fans. However, the two bands showcased they could also make danceable tunes, making more than one person in the audience start moving and actually clapping to the beat.

But at the end, the real applause was for AlunaGeorge. The fair share of their intense fans exploded when they finally came on stage. Despite their growing fame, the duo showed humbleness, with Aluna even coming down to greet the public.

Starting off with the popular ‘Just a Touch’, they proved how their onstage vibes set the public to exaltation. Hands raised, the whole audience was already jumping and singing along as in the peak of the gig.  Following songs kept the crowd in the same excited mood, but the famous ‘Best Be Believing’ and ‘You Know You Like It’ took the prize.

George’s electronica performance was vibrant, and adding Aluna’s flawless soft vocals, there’s no wonder why their music is so auditorily pleasant. The setlist was completely coherent, alternating the famous songs with more chilled ones, such as ‘Outlines’, ‘Kaleidoscope Love’ and ‘Superstar’  in between the most energetic beats.

Closing with ‘White Noise’ and ‘ Your Drums, Your Love’, gave the crowd the hits they wanted. Even though Disclosure’s presence in ‘White Noise’ was lacking, Aluna’s voice was enchanting enough to make the audience forget about it and just jam along.

You know it is a good gig when the public forgets about staring at the band playing and just dances along to the music. This is the effect AlunaGeorge that has on people, showing us the correct definition for ‘Body Music’.

Claudia Jara

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