Live Review: Shopping / Pifco / Rattle, Chameleon (07/11/13)

The Chameleon, Nottingham’s premier indie music venue located above a card shop, hosts a gig curated by The Music Exchange, Nottingham’s premier independent music store. Heaven.

Rattle are first on; a Nottingham female drum and vocals duo. Two drumkits facing each other in the centre of the stage is not what we’d expect a stage to look like. But Rattle clearly don’t care about what people expect. Each one’s spellbinding rhythmic drumming complements the other’s, layering post-punk tribal beats underneath goosebump-inducing vocals. Ones to watch.

Pifco break down on their journey down from Leeds. Fortunately, they take to the stage seemingly unflustered and their catchy post-punk impresses. The Fall are an easy, almost lazy, reference point, but there’s more at work here than just Mark E Smith. Switching between the aforementioned gloomy post-punk, and considerably more upbeat indie disco, Pifco would’ve fit in nicely in 2005, but would’ve been deemed musical pioneers in 1981. Now, they deserve to be doing much better than they are. We’ll see.

Finally, London’s Shopping arrive. They’re all jangly riffs and bass-driven angularity. Perfectly demonstrated in the single ‘In Other Words’ is the trio’s penchant for early Orange Juice riffs, Fire Engines vocals and Josef K eccentricity. Subsequently, Postcard Records show themselves as the obvious influence, but as expected, a certain capital arrogance exudes from the stage, resulting in what ought to be an indie dancefloor filler in ‘Long Way Home’. Try not dancing to it.

A celebration of up and coming indie music comes to an end. Shopping have all the potential to break through; that perfect mix of killer riffs and well-regarded influences. Impressive.

Alex Neely

…Alex is listening to Swearin’ – ‘Mermaid’…

[Photo credit to Shaun Gordon]


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