Live Review: Yuck, Bodega (17/11/2013)

After the recent departure of Daniel Blumberg, Yuck returned to Nottingham for the first time since the changing of line up.

The band coyly walked onto the stage, looking out amongst the crowd wondering what the people of Nottingham were going to bring to the equation. Rather than any mediocre chat, or swinging guitar they just went straight into ‘Middle Sea’. With the majority of the crowd singing along, and every left foot tapping away, it seemed the best way to smash their way back into the Nottingham scene. If anything was going to provide a message for the rest of the show, this was it. It was incredible.

The only thing I would say is that the four piece looked a very different band without Blumberg. He had been replaced by Ed Hayes, don’t get me wrong a very talented guitarist, but donning an Iron Maiden T Shirt and a pair of vans, he was a far cry away from Blumberg’s triple denim. Obviously not important, but his confidence really used to bring the stage presence to life.

Anyway, we were sent straight through to ‘Holing Out’ from the first album which was followed by ‘Lose My Breath’ and ‘Out Of Time’. Yuck in terms of musicality are very talented live, they are ‘tight’ you could say. Jonny (Drummer) had hiccups, which I must admit I found very amusing in-between smashing the hi-hat, his body would raise up as he would hiccup.

he was a far cry away from Blumberg’s triple denim

yuck photo

Anyway moving on once more, it was the turn of fan favourite ‘Get Away’, arguably their biggest release to date, and it was incredible. No eye contact was needed between the drops in the song, the end breakdown was smooth, and it was all topped off by the fact it really is just a bloody good song. They then moved their way onto ‘Rebirth’ one of the releases off their new album, which again was a song I’m sure they could perform blindfolded. Moving through to the end of the show, we saw the likes of ‘The Wall’ and ‘Operation’. ‘Operation’ in my opinion is the best song in Yuck’s repertoire and it was just an impressive finale. Also, ‘Operation’ had always been the song where Max would have stepped up and taken the lead vocals off of Blumberg. It was just a great show, for me after their first show at Rescue Rooms and now seeing them end with ‘Operation’, told the audience they were back and nothing had changed, they were still as good as ever.

Daniel Jones

…Daniel is listening to Stornoway – Waiting On The Clock…


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