Takeaways: What’s In and What’s To Bin

With Freshers’ week now over, doorsteps across Nottingham are scattered with hundreds of flyers from hundreds of different takeaways. In true investigative spirit, we at Impact Food have taken it upon ourselves to discover which menus to keep and which to bin.


Proppa Pizza

Proppa Pizza is undoubtedly the place to turn to when running low on cash. With the best deals to offer students in Lenton, along with a decent selection of pizzas, look no further than here. The student exclusive deals they offer include 3 x 10 inch pizzas for £10 and 2 x 12 inch pizzas for £8. An added bonus if you can’t bring yourself to head to a cash machine, is that they accept cards online and will even give you an additional 15% off.


Although slightly more expensive than Proppa Pizza, Ginos certainly has the more extensive menu; offering fish & chips, kebabs, fried chicken and burgers. The standard of food is adequate and Ginos certainly caters for the student market. Try the Gino’s Special (any single burger, fries, kebab meat and a drink all for £3.99) or go for the student deal (any large 12” pizza, any kebab, 4 pieces of garlic bread and a bottle of soft drink for £12.95). Overall, Ginos is a safe and reliable option to go for when peckish, with a huge array of meals and deals to pick from.


If a delicious post-Crisis kebab is what you’re after, then D2 is your best bet. Most of the kebabs range from around £3.70 – £4 and the quality is excellent compared to most other establishments in and around Lenton. Additionally, the naan bread the kebabs are served in are of genuine quality, something lacking in many kebab shops. If a kebab is not for you then try one of their deep pan pizzas, with a 12-inch starting at £5.50.



Although we were optimistic after an initial glance at the menu, we were ultimately disappointed by the standard of the food. The kebab was bland and dull, particularly in comparison with the brilliant kebabs at D2. The pizzas were a little more promising, but much like the standard of most other takeaways. On balance, whilst Spices may be perfectly adequate, it simply does not match up to the standards set by the likes of Proppa Pizza and D2.

Arco Pizza and Fish Bar

Located on Lenton Boulevard next to the very popular Fortune Boy, is Arco Pizza and Fish bar. Despite the pizzas being of a fairly good standard, IMPACT FOOD felt that Arco was trying to offer simply too much. As well as offering pizzas, the menu also included southern fried chicken, kebabs, fish & chips, pies, jacket potatoes and pasta. We managed to try one of each type of food, and the difference in quality between the pizzas and the rest was staggering. It is a classic example of takeaway outlets attempting to squeeze as much money out of you as possible by increasing what’s on offer. Our advice would be to stick to Fortune Boy next door.

Rose Garden

The food was greasy and oily, something which is seen far too often in Chinese takeaways. On top of that, we had to wait a good fifty minutes for it to be delivered. One dish which proved an exception was the Cantonese Duck and Char Sui Pork, which was fairly tasty.

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