Top Dog: Cheap and Tasty

New to Lenton Boulevard, gourmet hot dog bar ‘Top Dog’ has already sparked an interest with Nottingham’s students. Since its opening, the bar has been busy serving their range of hot dogs day and night. The modern interior and friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to go to chill out, offering an exciting alternative to your average Sainsbury’s meal deal.

With frankfurter style ‘Top Dogs’ priced at £2.49 and its ‘Gourmet Dogs’ for £3.49, the bar boasts low and affordable prices. We tried both the Spanish and the Chilli Dog and were impressed with the amazing value and quick service. Top Dog offers a wide range of dogs, from pork and stilton to wild boar and apple.

Top Dog is here to help us out when it comes to a post-night-out feast.

As well as providing a tasty meal during the day, Top Dog is here to help us out when it comes to a post-night-out feast. We all know how busy the Crisis and Ocean kebab vans can get late at night, but with Top Dog open until 3am on Wednesdays and Fridays there’s no need to wait around as you can count on them to satisfy your late night cravings.

The bar is still a work in progress at the moment but has great plans for the future. For Halloween, they introduced their ‘Spook dog’, and will continue to introduce new and exciting additions to their classic menu during seasonal periods. Saturdays at Top Dog will also be filled with evenings of entertainment, providing an opportunity to showcase local talent on their very own stage.

Top Dog also intends to add breakfast meal deals to their menu, so that students can quickly grab a dog or bagel and a coffee before morning lectures. Offering free Wi-Fi, it will also provide a warm and comfortable environment to sit down and even get some work done.

Laura Hemmings 

Image: stu_spivack via Flickr

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