UoN Named As One Of The Top Targets For Graduate Employers

The University of Nottingham was placed amongst the top 50 universities in the Global Employment survey of 2013/14, which was published earlier this week

The survey collaborated with the UK’s top 100 leading graduate employers in the UK including Google, PwC and HSBC. The companies were asked to name the universities they believed produced the best graduates. In addition to being named in the top 50 globally, UoN also gained a top 10 spot amongst the 20 British Universities included in the survey.


The Careers and Employability service suggest that part of this success is because of the “high calibre of students” coming into the University. Nonetheless, they stressed to Impact that it is also due to the fact that students also are encouraged to “develop their employment skills, vocational skills and develop a global outlook”.

One way that Nottingham Careers and Employability service has managed to achieve this is through the Nottingham Advantage Award. This programme, which has over 2500 students participating this year, allows students to choose additional credits that directly improve employment skills.

Former student Laura Rudd, a BSc Psychology graduate, concurs that part of the University’s success is because of schemes like the Nottingham Advantage Award, which she completed in 2011. She says that it gave her “advice in terms of how to make myself more employable”. After graduation Laura managed to secure a job working in the National Audit Office.

It is not the first time that the University of Nottingham has garnered international recognition. In 2012 it was also positioned itself into the top 75 Universities of QS International University rankings.

Marco Dall’Antonia

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