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Impact Sports interviews Adam ‘Curls’ Cunliffe’, co-captain of the Rugby League team, to uncover what it’s really like to be part of the squad, how it stacks up against Union, and debase the myth that League is just a game for northerners.

Why would a fresher want to join the Rugby League team?

We’re a fast paced sport, usually involving high scoring games and our players are less limited by their positions than Union. We’re a close-knit team and there is occasionally a place up for grabs in one of the two teams, regardless of whether you have previously played the game before.

We are very welcoming of all abilities and the same treatment is given to each player whether you are the captain or have never played before. League is generally seen as more of a northern game, with the majority of the Super League being northern sides.

League is generally seen as more of a northern game, with the majority of the Super League being northern sides.

Are the League side predominantly northern guys or is that a bit of a myth?

Not at all. I think we had 5 northerners out of a group of around 50 last year. Most of the lads are actually Union converts.

So what sort of socials do you offer? Do you have to drink to be one of the lads or do you offer any alternatives?

Well some people don’t do socials and we respect that. We’re actually looking at having a few different events this year; maybe a bit of crazy golf, a team meal etc.. We appreciate that not everyone wants to just get drunk. We still have a social every Wednesday where we often go in fancy dress and have been tied to girls from other societies.

The atmosphere is absolutely brilliant.

What’s Varsity like for the League?

Well it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had at Uni. The atmosphere is absolutely brilliant. The Harvey Hadden stadium is usually packed. We have a pretty intense rivalry with Trent as we have always been in a similar league. Trent are currently at the top of the Rugby League pyramid and we are in the second division so it’s usually a pretty close encounter. We’re aiming to set the score straight from last year.

It’s the best thing I’ve done while I’ve been at Nottingham.

So where does your Rugby League Experience rank in your Uni experience?

It’s the best thing I’ve done while I’ve been here. As part of a small group you get to know everyone really well. There’s a great communal spirit and we’re all good friends. I love playing the game too. I’ve played it for 11 years and it’s great to carry it on competitively at Uni especially with the opportunity to have a varsity experience.

Anyone is welcome to join training, which takes place at the following times:

Monday 6:30-7:30pm on the 3G

Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm on the Grass Pitch by the 3G

Friday 7-8pm on the 3G.

If you’d like to get involved then email [email protected]

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