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Christmas Film Drinking Game

Tis the season to get jolly! Instead of being forced to sit through LOVE ACTUALLY for the fourth time this season, here’s a little something extra to get you there; so why not play IMPACT’S Christmas Film Drinking Game? Guaranteed to make your Christmas viewing more festive. Or at least you’ll pass out before the sickly, sentimental ending.

Take a sip if:

The movie opens with a voice over (and every time you hear it throughout)

It snows (double if it’s on Christmas Day)

The central family has more issues than a Jeremy Kyle episode

Christmas dinner is ruined

A child gets his tongue stuck to a lamppost

There’s a terrible child actor (a drink every time they appear on screen)

Someone loses their faith in Christmas

Someone regains their faith in Christmas

Tim Allen stars

A last minute miracle saves the day


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Image by Veggiewala via Flickr

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