Deadlines SHMEADLINES. Have a Fajita.

As many of you may have noticed, as part of the Fresher’s welcome pack to University, Discovery supply some of their Fajita seasoning mixes to tempt students to have a go at making fajitas. We decided to test out just how good these fajita packages really are.

Discovery sells all the ingredients needed for a fajita session: tortilla wraps, chicken, peppers, onions, fajita mix, salsa, jalapeno relish, guacamole and sour cream topping. As with any type of Mexican cooking, the seasoning is vital and the chicken should be coated with the seasoning mix before being placed in the pan.

However, a quick tip would be to coat the chicken and leave marinating whilst you chop the vegetables- then start cooking. Whilst it is advised you should marinade for longer, we found this really wasn’t wholly necessary, especially under tight time conditions.

Only once the chicken had started to brown were the peppers and onions thrown in, creating a delicious Mexican aroma in the kitchen. After the chicken, peppers and onions had been cooked together for long enough, it was time to acquaint them with some tortillas. Once placed onto a tortilla wrap, add salsa, jalapeno relish, guacamole and then the sour cream topping, to balance out the spice. It really is this simple.

Overall the combination of flavours is great, and proves to be a welcome break from tomato pasta and meal deals during the evenings. What’s good about the Discovery packages is that you can pick and choose just how much of each topping you would like, and therefore can accustom the fajita to the way that suits you.

Additionally, these fajita packages are perfect for large groups of friends especially as it requires only a few ingredients but provides for large amounts of people. Finally, it takes very little time to create the fajitas (roughly fifteen minutes max), which suits students who are eating around looming essay deadlines.

Louis Fitzherbert

Image: Jeffreyw via Flickr

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