Don’t Hate, Procrastinate! #5

Description: Don’t waste your time when you’re wasting time! This Procrastination Pack is your weekly dose of the Internet, in which we find the best things to do when you should be writing an essay/in a seminar/having a shower.

Directions for use: One pack weekly. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Links are in the titles.

May include: Invisible cows, hugs and pylons.


Tranquillise Sheep 


This by far the crappiest entry here, but it’s by far the most compulsive. It’s a game that’s meant to test your reaction times, where you have to try and tranquilizer escapee sheep. You don’t actually aim or anything, you just have to click your mouse as quickly as you can. Despite the god-awful design and the ear-grating sheep sound effects, it is rather addictive.

The Nicest Place On The Internet


Feeling a little down? Are you in need of a hug? Take a visit to the self-proclaimed ‘nicest place on the internet’. It’s essentially a big collection of self-shot videos of people hugging their webcams – it’s really rather sweet. You’re encouraged to send in your own as well, if you want to share the love.

My favourite part is the occasional teenage girl who’s smothered themselves in makeup, and gazes seductively at you for longer than is really necessary. Bless ‘em.

Pylon of the Month  


No, this isn’t a sardonic, tongue-in-cheek parody. This is a totally serious blog, in which a man shares pictures of his favourite pylons.

It’s full of red hot lines like this – “the main reason I chose this pylon is because I could get a close up of something attached to the wires just before cables join the tower.”

Mmm, so sexy.

Find the Invisible Cow  


A pinnacle of pointlessness. You have to find an invisible cow on a white webpage, guided only by the volume of the word “COW” being shouted at you. The louder the “COW”, the closer you are to success.
Oddly satisfying.

Creepy, Creepy Victorian Mothers 

Mother and baby portrait

Back in Victorian times, it took rather a long while to take a photo properly. If you wanted to have a snapshot of your cherubic little darling, you had to find a way of convincing it to stay still for a lot longer than most toddlers can manage.

The Guardian uploaded a gallery recently demonstrating a ploy used by photographers of the time, hiding the mother directly in the shot as a chair, so they could hold their kid still. Some of the pictures are quite cute, whereas some look like a dementor is about to swallow the child’s soul. Classic Victorians.

Will Hazell 

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