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You’re currently in LA making your début album, what can we expect from the record?

I’m still writing it out here! Not too sure where it’s going to be recorded yet but I’m aiming for the record to have a lot of energy, I want to make a record that people will want to listen to right through and not just a track here and there.

Where did the stage name Saint Raymond come from?

The name comes from a street name and my grandad’s name.

Over the last few years the Nottingham scene has taken off, can you think of any reason for such a rise?

I think the main reason is everyone seems to be backing each other and people are realising that if we all support each other, we can really make Nottingham a focal point in the music scene.

You must be bored of being labelled ‘The Next Jake Bugg’, who do you really aspire to be like?

The Jake Bugg thing is obviously a compliment in the respect that Jake is smashing it. I really like what he’s doing and it’s flying but it’s just been lazy for people to say ‘he plays guitar and he’s from Nottingham’, when, in fact, our music is very different.

There are a lot of people I aspire to such as the obvious ones like The Beatles and Oasis but I’ve always wanted to do my own thing whilst still taking influences from other genres.

Recently, you played a headline show at Bodega to a sell-out crowd, how was playing there?

That moment will live with me forever. It’s always nice to know you’ll have family there but when you step out in your hometown and there’s just a group of real fans singing back at you, it’s something to treasure.

You’re supporting Haim this winter, are you looking forward to playing bigger venues?

Definitely! It’s going to be such a good tour. Every night is sold out so that is pretty exciting. Also looking forwarding to getting to travel all over.

 Adam Keyworth

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