Interview: Big Deal

Before playing an outstanding set at the cosy Spanky Van Dyke’s, Impact took a moment to speak with Big Deal’s Alice Costelloe and Kacey Underwood about playing as a four-piece, crossing the teacher-student divide and their plans for the future.

Impact: You’re working as a four-piece now, how’s that working out for you?

KU: The gigs are a lot more fun- it’s a lot more lifting and carrying things up and down flights of stairs, but it’s a lot more fun.

You’re all getting along on tour?

AC: They’re really great people, it’s really nice having them around, we just feel a bit tired, but we are happy.

So Kacey, you used to be Alice’s guitar teacher… or music teacher?

KU: Hm yeah I guess so… It was just one of those things… yeah I gave her a few lessons.

AC: I mean, I was in a band already.

KU: Yeah I mean she played guitar, she was in a band…

This was how you met?

KU: Yeah I mean it was more just an excuse to hang out really.

Yeah I don’t know why you’d want to be in a band with me having seen how bad I was at guitar.

Right, so does that feel strange now? Or is that just how you met?

KU: Everything’s strange, you know.

AC: It is pretty strange.

KU: Yeah it’s really strange.

AC: Yeah I don’t know why you’d want to be in a band with me having seen how bad I was at guitar.

KU: And likewise seen how bad I was at teaching.

But that makes it interesting as a band?

AC: Yeah.

KU: Yeah I think it makes it interesting just because… I mean I don’t think that’s what makes it interesting… I think that was the lucky way we became friends.

We’d much rather be in a disco-wedding band!

Alright then, so the last album was a big change and that seemed to work, any new ideas in the pipe-line?

KU: We didn’t really have any ideas for any of the records we were just doing what we felt like would be good… and so like if we get done with this tour in like a year from now and decide we’d much rather be in a…

AC: A disco-wedding band!

KU: …a disco-wedding band, then we’ll do that.

AC: But we’re already writing now

KU: (It’s not disco-wedding music.)

AC: And I think we’re just getting better at writing together so we’re not purposefully trying to change all the style of it to whatever.

Ian Fillingham

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