Let the festivities begin!

The end of term is fast approaching and while you’re feverishly trying to write essays, people have the audacity to distract you with the word ‘Christmas’. While your online news feeds gradually become more festive, coffee brands start getting bitchy with their tag lines in the war to be THE winter beverage supplier.

Your housemates have already started to plan the house Christmas dinner; you start to see a few keenos in Christmas jumpers wandering through Portland and marvel at the confidence of those buying advent calendars (as if anyone has the willpower to stick to just one small chocolate a day).

Since when was it Christmas already and why are you all okay with this so close to all your deadlines?

Christmas also comes with its awkwardness. As someone rushes up and excitedly tells you ‘I can’t wait to give you your present!’, you can’t help but think when you signed up for this? Since when were we doing presents? You’ll get a Merry Christmas text on the actual day but I certainly do not have the pennies to spare for a personalised gift.

It could also go the other way. You’ve made some pretty solid friends, even got yourself a bff, and you go all out and buy something fantastic and amazing and you just know that the person will love it. You’ve even gone to the trouble of handwriting the card. Only to find that they just bought a six pack of mince pies and shared them around with anyone.

There’s always the one housemate that hangs a stocking up. Then you get someone who puts up a small tree in your living room and coerces you all into a group photo. You later see this on Instagram with sixteen hashtags that comprise of several different ways of saying Christmas.

But then again maybe I should just suck it up. After all I do love twerking with Santa, his reindeer and a band of elves.

Pollyanna Ward

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