Live Review: Arcane Roots, Bodega (19/11/13)

Having heard great things about Arcane Roots, I thought I’d check them out when they played Nottingham recently. And what a great decision that was.

Sadly, a mix-up of information resulted in me missing Emp!re, but I was lucky enough to catch Verses. Opening with the only song I knew, the first thought that came to mind is that the band should rename themselves to “Choruses”, because the chorus of this opening track, ‘Wait Forever’, stuck with me all night until I fell asleep at midnight, and as I write this review the next morning, I can safely say that it’ll be with me all of today too. Verses pleasantly surprised me as a support band, since usually support bands are pretty average, but on top of the powerful choruses, the sheer amount of passion that was evident within Lead Singer Jason was enough to win me, and probably the rest of the crowd, over.

The stars of the night, Arcane Roots, hit the stage 20 minutes later and blew my mind. The opening song, ‘Energy is Never Lost, Just Redirected’, begins very mellow then kicks off with such force that something (we’re not entirely sure what) on stage imploded, causing the guitar and bass to cut off for about 10 minutes. Nevertheless, the 3-piece from Kingston-Upon-Thames continued their set with high energy riffs and overpowering vocals, both clean and screaming, courtesy of singer Andrew Groves, who is currently sporting a magnificent beard.

This Alternative-rock / math-rock band are comparable to the older days of Billy Clyro before they adopted a more mainstream sound. This is appropriate since Andrew Groves on guitar looks like a slightly smaller version of Simon Neil with a better beard. Better yet, they have recently been confirmed as openers for Biffy Clyro for their European Tour in December. Not surprised one bit. It won’t take long until Arcane Roots are huge, so go check out their album Blood and Chemistry now!

Blaine Marshall

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