Live Review: Kagoule / Hang, Lacehouse (06/12/13)

Kagoule kick off their UK tour with a special hometown show, where hundreds cram into a sweaty Lacehouse to witness a gig phenomenon: music in the round.

On the back of recent release, ‘Adjust The Way’ – a free single released on Hate Hate Hate Records, Kagoule are embarking on their first fullscale UK tour, which sees the trio play shows with Cold Crows Dead, as well as play in Scotland for the first time. However, tonight is all about what Nottingham has to offer; three local bands, a unique setting and a home crowd.

Bluebird begin the night with their take on screamo and heavy rock. However, it is only when Hang take to the ‘stage’ that the night really kicks off. Hang are four men: two guitars, one keyboard and drums. They make a tremendous racket, touching heavily on psych-rock and krautrock, yet create sounds almost unlike anything I’ve heard before. With no vocals and no crowd interaction, it is left to their instruments to provide us with half an hour of intense, swirling rock, switching between intricate keyboard hooks and loud guitar riffs. Quite the first impression.

Kagoule soon follow and treat us to a ten song set, which includes debut single, ‘Monarchy’, live favourites ‘Mudhole’ and ‘Made Of Concrete’ and ends with a previously unheard new song. With the band in the middle of the room and the PA system surrounding the dense crowd, this is a Kagoule experience like no other. Every one of Lucy’s bass notes vibrates viciously across the floor, Cai’s guitar reverberates around the room, while Lawrence’s drumming could well have inflicted permanent damage.

Kagoule have all the potential to become something very exciting, indeed.

Upon leaving the venue, I overhear two blokes discussing Kagoule’s credentials: “They answer to every cliché in the book”. I couldn’t disagree more. Pigeonholed as a run-of-the-mill grunge revival band, they come up with the substantially more downbeat and thought-provoking ‘It Knows It’. Shoved into the post-punk bracket and Kagoule present us with the thrilling minute and a half burst of punk that is ‘Empty Mug’. The one thing that Kagoule are not is a cliché.

Kagoule are young. They make mistakes. But they have all the potential to become something very exciting, indeed.

Alex Neely

…Alex is listening to Pixies – ‘Letter To Memphis’…

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