Live Review: STRFKR, Bodega (18/11/13)

Despite being only 20 people in the venue, STRFKR played as if playing to an audience ten times the size.

A band that has had many sold-out shows across the world had the pleasure of doing an intimate concert for their true fans in Nottingham. The five members take to the stage looking a little puzzled, but as they start playing, the band forget the crowd and just immerse themselves in their songs, as it should be. STRFKR are a symphony of synths, guitars and drums; along with a set of vertical lights that give the gig a true 80s feel.

Alternating songs from their three albums, STRFKR play a solid set. With the best known songs like ‘While I’m Alive’ and ‘Golden Light’, they show the strength of their pop hooks, making the whole audience delirious with such vibrant sounds. A well-executed cover of the popular ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ animates the audience, and even encourages some extravagant dancing.

There are moments of jamming between songs, with the purest synth mixing, managing to melt the whole audience, in a good way. Older songs such as ‘Hard Smart Beta’ and ‘Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second’ demonstrate a more chilled vibe, yet still strongly performed.  The closing song ‘Bury Us Alive’, is the last energetic drop the fans need to leave the gig with a full smile.

Clearly such a popular band expects crowded audiences. However, STRFKR still managed to play an excellent and intimate gig that satisfied their fans not just with music, but also with their friendliness and cheerful attitude throughout the whole night.

Claudia Jara

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