The Five Stages of Essay Writing

Writing essays is an inevitable part of university life. It doesn’t matter whether you plan your essay down to the very last ‘however’ before writing it, or dive straight in, the lead up to deadline day is a turbulent time that provokes a shedload of emotions. They always seem to arrive in five different stages though…

1. Denial


So, you have a deadline looming in the not-so-distant future. Your course of action? Ignore it. Ignorance is bliss, right? There are much more fulfilling pastimes than droning on about Shakespeare –  ring of fire for instance. You have an essay due in fourteen days but that’s ages away. Coco Tang it is!


2. Procrastination

2- Procrastination

One week to go. There’s still time for endless redrafts, you tell yourself. How do you know you’re in the procrastination stage? You find anything to distract yourself to avoid writing your essay. Expect several trips to the Tesco at Beeston (yes, you do need to spend hours perusing the entire shop to find the best deals), spontaneous cake making and whilst you’re at it, why not draw up a new cleaning rota (for the benefit of the house, of course)?


3. Realisation

3- Realisation

No matter how many times you have tidied your room because you need ‘a clear workspace to focus’, it never helped you get past paragraph one. Now there’s four days to go until deadline day. Cue sweaty palms and fits of caffeine-fuelled rage at a blank word document. There’s no more time for procrastination; shit just got real.


4. The Binge

4- The Binge

It’s an all-nighter, but not of the Crisis variety. You vowed this would not happen but there you find yourself, typing so frantically you could swear your fingers are actually bulking up. It’s the night before the deadline, the night you originally planned to dedicate to ‘the little details’, such as referencing and writing an introduction. Around your laptop Red Bull cans are lined up, and your floor is carpeted by empty Dominoes’ boxes. Let’s face it, when a deadline is hours away your BMI is the least of your concerns. Must keep going…


5. Relief

5 relief

Congratulations, you made it. Yes, you may look like an extra from The Walking Dead, but you couldn’t give a damn. The sigh of relief as you slotted your essay through the submission box was priceless. It’s time for a drink, you deserved it, and besides your next essay isn’t due in for fourteen days, that’s ages away…

Tasha Gregson

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