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Most Anticipated Films of 2014 #1 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

If you told me a couple of years back that my most anticipated film of 2014 would not only be a Planet of the Apes reimagining, but the sequel to said reimagining, I’d have thought you madder than Dr. Zaius. 

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes picks up 10 years after Rise (…of the Planet of the Apes). The virus unleashed at the end of Rise has devastated the human population, meanwhile, Caesar’s army of genetically evolved apes has been growing and is looking to become Earth’s dominant species.

Rise took many people by surprise back in 2011, myself included. It was an intense and intelligent blockbuster with some groundbreaking CGI. Thankfully, Dawn looks to be equally ambitious with an original story to tell.

Andy Serkis will certainly have his work cut out for him, by the end of the first film the compassionate and gentle Caesar was no more. In the 10 years that have followed, I can only imagine he has become more brutal and unforgiving, hopefully he can portray this side of the character with equal credibility.

Though many of the other talents behind Rise have not returned – most notably James Franco and director Rupert Wyatt – with Gary Oldman and  Keri Russell joining the cast, and Cloverfield‘s Matt Reeves taking over directing duty, I’m not concerned.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is out in July.

Sam Todd

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