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Most Anticipated Films of 2014 #4 – Dallas Buyers Club

Already released in the USA, but not coming to UK theatres until February 7th, Dallas Buyers Club has been on my watch-list for a while.

Matthew McConaughey plays Ron Woodroof, a racist, homophobic redneck who contracts HIV through his heavy drug use. Initially in denial that he has what in his mind is a “gay” disease, Ron comes to accept his diagnosis and realises that the most effective drugs to treat HIV are not board approved in the US, and can only be bought in Mexico.

The film follows the true story of Ron’s decision to smuggle these drugs into the States and create The Dallas Buyers Club. It promises to be emotionally heart-wrenching, and with an overwhelmingly positive critical response to both the story and the acting, I for one cannot wait for it to hit UK theatres.

Plus, as someone who’s seen many-a-30 Second to Mars concert over my teenage years, I’m very excited to see Jared Leto’s return to the screen as the HIV+ transvestite, Rayon.

Lucy Irvine

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