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Most Anticipated Films of 2014 #7 – Gone Girl

The first reason that this makes the list of most anticipated films is that it is based on the novel by Gillian Flynn. Flynn is a New York Times Best Seller, and has achieved acclaim practically across the board for Gone Girl.

The plot of the novel is as follows: The story develops through two story arcs. The first, an imperfect diary of a seemingly perfect wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike). She describes how she met her husband, a magazine writer, Nick (Ben Affleck), in a whirlwind romance that led to their marriage. After Nick’s job circumstances change, things quickly descend into chaos on their fifth wedding anniversary. Amy disappears, with only a stain of her blood left on the floor of their home.

The next story arc develops on Amy’s disappearance, belonging to Nick, as he struggles through accusations that all lead directly back to him. He creates around himself a barrier of lies and stories that indicate he clearly has something to hide. But is it his wife’s murder?

I will say no more on the plot, as finding it out is what will make the film so intriguing. If you have not read the book, await the film. And try to guess throughout who dunnit, because you won’t get it right.

The second reason I am anticipating Gone Girl is that it is directed by David Fincher. The man behind Fight Club and Se7en, he knows his way around a thriller.

A troubling film to anticipate, because it is set for release a whole nine months from now. October is looking rather far away, isn’t it?

Lucy O’Boyle

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