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Most Anticipated Films of 2014 #8 – The Quiet Ones

Since the legendary Hammer Film Productions was (aptly) resurrected in 2007, the infamous production company has proved to be more consistent than its classic heyday with numerous critical and commercial successes, not least Wake Wood (2011) and The Woman In Black (2012).

2014’s The Quiet Ones looks promising for a mainstream horror film, with its unusual concept of scientists attempting to create a poltergeist through the negative energy generated from a young girl pushed to the brink of sanity.

Despite a clichéd and disappointing trailer my expectations remain high due to Hammer’s recent track record and seeming modus operandi of ‘if not scary then at least enjoyable’.

If the right balance of psychological terror and spooky ‘geist activity is met this could be a very interesting addition to the studio’s back catalogue. The studio’s not yet resorted to group-of-teens-do-terminally-stupid-things storylines and for that we should all be grateful and supportive.

Tom Watchorn

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