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Rescue 2013- Everyday Heroes (US version) Review

Rescue 2013 Everyday Heroes is a fire department simulator where you have to manage almost every aspect of the departments life and also lead and control the firefighters and medics responding to emergencies.

Rescue 2013 has a solid idea, the goal is quite clear- manage a fire department and respond to emergencies.

Rescue 2013- Everyday Heroes is a game by independent developers from Finland -Fragment Production. The recent release of the US version improves on the gameplay and adds a few customisations to the original version.
The trend of simulation is continuing to rise in the gaming industry. Rescue 2013 has a solid idea, the goal is quite clear- manage a fire department and respond to emergencies. Already this seems much more interesting than farming simulators or a street cleaning simulator. There is action, danger and excitement.


The game is essentially split in two parts.

First is the management mode, where you oversee the station. Here you can buy items and vehicles, recruit firefighters and medics, manage your finances whilst trying to ensure everyone stays motivated. It is a wonderland for Sims fans, although not as detailed it still provides the basic experience.

You have different rooms in the station designed to fit different purposes such as classroom, canteen and maintenance room to which you can buy customisable items and decorations. You can assign your employees, who have various skillsets to each room to reap the bonuses such as improved maintenance, higher staff motivation or ability to send more units to an emergency situation. Part of staff management is training, few days in the gym will make the member faster during missions and a couple of days in the classroom will make him more efficient in tackling fires or providing medical assistance.

Each member of the team has a mix of traits, but not all of them are same and some might even conflict and you will have to manage these conflicts, in most cases you have to agree with one of the conflicting party and this will carry a penalty or a bonus on the individual morale which dictates how effectively they will benefit the stations day to day activities.


The second part is responding to emergencies, during action phase you will receive an alert, detailing the emergency so you can select the appropriate vehicles and staff to respond to it(it’s no good sending only an ambulance to a fire and a fire engine to a medical emergency). The emergencies vary from small BBQ fires to military jet crashes in forests.

The developers have really tried to keep it fresh in regards to mission variety. The RTS style overview is effective and allows you to coordinate and give orders to your units.
The firefighters and paramedics are very detailed and I am very impressed how much effort has been put in developing their backstories and personalities and they feel real. I spent quite a while going through all their bio`s, they are really well done.

Graphics of the game are nicely done and attempting to be realistic. The graphics engine proves itself in various locations such as forests, city centres and highways as well as different weather conditions with day and night settings. It is effective and compliments to the game. Very minor issues such as occasional clipping through units takes me a bit out of the experience, but they are not critical to game experience.

You are pushed in the midst of a busy fire department.

As with many simulation games there is not really a storyline to follow. You are pushed in the midst of a busy fire department and you have to get on with management and responding to emergencies.
The soundtrack is your 90s style action tracks that gets you in this firefighter mode and suits well with the gameplay.


One of my biggest problems with the game is the lack of hotkeys for unit actions. The effort of varying the emergencies you need to respond is killed by the necessity to manually select a unit and then click on a vehicle to pick up and item or drop it off. A game where repetitive actions are needed must have keyboard bindings. At this point I really dread responding to a rescue mission which would involve firefighters, medics and rescue units to extract passengers from mangled cars, extinguishing fires and providing medical assistance. Repeating the same clicks over and over really numbs my attention and, let’s be honest, makes this whole thing boring.

If you do not fancy the management mode you can jump right in the action with the games Freeplay mode.

It is one of the few simulation games that I found to be very addictive, providing hours of entertainment. Replayability of the game has potential and if you don’t fancy the management mode you can jump right in the action with the games Freeplay mode which offers all the types of emergencies from the campaign and I think it is nice of the developers to offer such a choice.

Rescue 2013- Everyday Heroes is not a triple A title, nor does it aim to be, but it is entertaining, challenging and fun. It offers a large amount of game time and replayability, it offers you a look in to a life of a fire department and deals with real life situations. If you spent hours playing with firefighter action figures and cars when you were a kid, you will definitely love this game and if you are new to simulation genre, Rescue 2013- Everyday Heroes is a great place to start.

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