Be A Columnist For Impact

  • Are you a great writer?
  • Can you be funny and entertaining yet thought provoking?
  • Do you lead a ridiculous life that other people need to hear about? 
  • Would you like to have your work read by thousands of other students?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then we have a job for you.

Impact is recruiting columnists and we’re looking for the biggest characters around to complement our already strong column section. Interested? Apply for the following positions:

Your Column: Have you got a great idea for a recurring column? Whatever it is, all you need to have is a distinctive style and a sense of humour to bring it to life. Whether you want to be the new Charlie Brooker, Caitlin Moran or (shudder) Richard Littlejohn, this is the perfect opportunity to make a name for yourself writing about what interests you. Make it entertaining, make it consistent but above all, make it original.

The Socumentaries/Nottingham Experienced: We are looking to recruit several more writers onto the team solely to help us expand our inspection into the dizzying world of societies at the University of Nottingham, and the variety of experiences to be had in and around the city.

As well as expanding our Socumentaries team, we will be hoping to cover more fun events like boat parties and EDL rallies in a similar style. Please take a look at previous examples of work on the Impact website for an idea of the kind of tone and style we’d like to be producing.

You will be expected to research and contact the necessary people yourself in the production of your articles, but we’ll be supervising and advising you every step of the way. These pieces are a fantastic way to try out new things and create impressive and entertaining features. 


We will be accepting submissions any time up to and including 23:59 on 28th February 2014. In the email please include two examples of any other written work as well as a brief covering letter of about 100 words telling us about yourself and your contact details.

As well as your two examples, please include one other piece of writing under the following guidelines:

Your Column: To apply for your own column please send a 500 word example of the kind of thing you would hope to produce on a regular basis.

The Socumentaries/Nottingham Experienced: To apply to work on the Socumentaries/NE please send a write up (preferably with pictures) of an event or experience of your choosing. This can be anything, from going to Alton Towers to playing bridge with your Nan. If you can make it entertaining, we’ll be happy.

Terms And Conditions
  • You may submit content that has already been published on an online blog (personal or otherwise);
  • You may submit content that has already been published on websites or in print;
  • Work does not have to have been published previously – you can write new work specifically for your application or amend work that you have written previously;
  • If successful, we will get in touch with you via your email. Please understand that there may still be some work to be done on submissions before publication;
  • If successful, you will be contracted to supply one column a fortnight. However, with sufficient notice this is negotiable.

Please quote the relevant key word (“Columnist/Socumentaries”) and your name in the subject bar; include your short covering letter in the body of the email; and send your application work including your two writing samples and the relevant piece to your application as one document in an attachment to [email protected]

If you want to ask any questions or register your interest join the Facebook group.

Alternatively, drop us an email using the address given above.

Good luck!

 Alex Mawby, Emily Shackleton, Will Hazell and Sarah Dear –  Features Editors 13/14


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