How to have sex and other stories: Youtube’s greatest educational hits

Youtube is probably one of the easiest ways to indulge in some good old fashioned procrastination, but there’s more there than videos of funny cats and people falling over. If you want something a bit more stimulating, Impact has picked out some of the top educational channels (some more serious than others), to give you something other than coursework to think about. 

1. Crash Course was launched in early 2012 by two brothers, John and Hank Green (famous for the popular channel, Vlogbrothers), which they use to talk about a variety of topics including history, ecology, biology, English literature and chemistry. Their videos are slickly produced, and are helped a lot by John and Hank’s immediate likeability factor. Each video lasts between ten and fifteen minutes, giving you a pretty insightful glimpse into whatever topic they’re focusing on.


2. A less serious and far wackier ‘educational’ channel is HowToBasic. The name is a bit dull, but their ‘how to’ guides are totally mad. They often feature lots of mess, broken eggs and bare legs. However, the fact that the channel currently has over 2.8 million subscribers suggests that people appreciate the bizarreness. Just don’t expect to be able to explain it easily if your housemates walk in on you.

3. C.G.P Grey has been gathering a following since 2011, and has recently passed the 1 million subscriber mark. It’s run by a former teacher, known as ‘Mr. Grey’, an American expat living in London. His style is similar to Crash Course, in that he combines slick production values with fast-paced explanations. He doesn’t stick to specific subjects though, each video shines a light onto something you might not know anything about . Do you know the difference between Holland and the Netherlands or the history of Santa Clause’s creation?  Visit C.G. P. Grey and you soon will.


4. You may have already heard about TED – an acronym which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The organisation itself is based around annual conferences which discuss cutting-edge research within the academic world. Speakers are usually experts in their field and have included the likes of Bill Gates and Bill Clinton in the past. With its popularity growing significantly in the past few years, the YouTube channel gives you free access to past speeches. Although be warned – you will need your academic brain switched on.


5. Finally, Alltime10s channel features top 10 lists of everything from ‘Things You Didn’t Know About “The Hobbit”’ to ‘The Biggest Beer Drinking Countries’ in the world. Done in a simple yet informative style, you can rapidly improve your chances at winning pub quizzes in just a few minutes.

 Danny Ward

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