Owyl are an electronic duo from Nottingham, consisting of Issac and Archie. They are 13 and 14 respectively. Yes, you read that right.

They make music that sounds relevant yet timeless – think James Blake, think Mount Kimbie, think Jamie XX. Impact caught up with Isaac to talk influences, the future and the school choir.

How did you guys meet and decide to start Owyl?

Well, I started music production a few years back, using samples and loops to create beats and melodies. Archie and I met through the school choir and then we first got together to create a few songs as he had a unique voice. It’s taken a while to develop to what we are today.

I can hear influences from the recent house/garage scene in your music – would that be a fair assessment?

Well, as the producer I take my influences from many many people – Snakehips, Bondax and Giraffage to name a few. More recently James Blake, too.

You’ve remixed tracks for the likes of Banks and Gabrielle Aplin. How do you approach your remixes?

When I remix I try to forget what the original song sounds like. It helps bring out the originality in a remix and in my opinion makes the remix better as a whole. Usually I listen to the vocals and hear what sort of rhythm or synth will match it well and go from there.

Who are your favourite artists from the local area at the moment?

Our favourite artists, hmm…I think April Towers definitely. I love the style they have going on. There are so many really good artists at the moment in Nottingham it’s hard to pick out any more.

What are your plans for the future? Are you going to perform live?

More music. Definitely. Keep going with the Owyl project and developing it.

We would love to perform live, but not for a while yet, and our main ambition really is to have the live performance very centralised away from the computer. We want to be able to be playing our instruments and standing there so people can see what were actually doing.

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