Playlist: Combatting The Landlord Blues

It’s that time of year again where everybody is looking for a new place to stay because they’re sick of their current landlord and his leaky ceilings and broken radiators. To help deal with this stress, we’ve come up with a short playlist to share our joint hatred of property owners everywhere.

1. Dead Kennedys – ‘Let’s Lynch The Landlord’

We’ll kick things off with a classic anti-landlord song from the Dead Kennedys. Let’s lynch the landlord is a straight forward no frills attack on the worst kind of rent-taker. The final verse is one I’m sure all students can relate to with “Rats chewing up the kitchen, Roaches up to my knees”, however comparing the smell of their oven to a concentration camp may be slight hyperbole.

2. The King Blues – ‘Let’s Hang The Landlord’

With a title clearly paying homage to the aforementioned Dead Kennedys, the similarities really end there. The song is an upbeat folk punk number, autobiographically detailing lead singer Itch’s life as a teenage squatter. It really makes breaking into buildings with a gang of Crusties seem far more appealing than traipsing around 20 identical houses to find the one with least damp.

3. Wingnut Dishwashers Union –’Proudhon In Manhattan’

It’s hard to pick one song from Pat the Bunny about living rent free, as it seems all of his bands constantly romanticise floating around the country, living rent free with no permanent residence. ‘Proudhon in Manhattan’, however, contains the one line that really unifies everybody against rent as he screams “Throw your hands in the air because property is robbery”.

4. Against Me! – ‘Lehigh Acres’

Against Me!’s song about economic struggle and the anti-landlord songs and throws in a political spin. They sing about empty, boarded up buildings left to rot while people are left out on the street. Singer Laura Jane Grace talks about the class gap and unfairness of the housing system with the lines “Million dollar, high rise condominiums, Look down over golf course greens, While Henrietta Hughes begs the President for a home.’

5. The Coup – ‘Kill My Landlord’

For our final song we have one last one wishing death upon landlords, however this time getting a bit more imaginative with the lyrics than The Dead Kennedys, and sounding a lot more chilled out about it. It might be something to do with the fact that they now have 3 warm meals and a roof over.

Stephen Cripps

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