What to Watch Out For (February – April)

The rain has stopped (for the moment) and the next semester has begun, for some the last of their university experience. This term (February – April) Nottingham will be host to such a wide variety of shows it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. So, here are a few tips to get you started. Remember you can catch up on what Impact Arts thinks of each show by following our online reviews, but for now I shall draw your attention to a couple of events the Arts Editors are most eagerly anticipating.

Propeller’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Comedy of Errors @ Theatre Royal (Beginning Tuesday 18th February) After received a stunning review for their shows last year, the all-male Shakespearian company are back with two of the bard’s most brilliant comedies. Their lively, imaginative performance is sure to keep even the deepest hatred of Shakespeare highly entertained.

Note about times: A Midsummer Night’s Dream is Wednesday 19th 7.30pm, Thursday 20th 2pm & Saturday 22nd 7.30pm and Comedy of Errors is Tuesday 18th 7.30pm, Thursday 20th 7.30pm, Friday 21st 7.30pm & Saturday 22nd 2pm

The Threepenny Opera @ Nottingham Playhouse (Beginning Friday 21st February)

The famed play by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill is being tackled by the Playhouse. In a similar sprit to the rather uninspiring ‘Charlie Peace, last term, the play explores criminality and its shades of light and dark. In a production which promises to be ‘bang up-to-date’ it will be interesting to see how far Brecht’s theories of audience activism and theatrical relevance will be accommodated. We await this production with veiled scientism but a fair amount of curious interest.

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake @ Theatre Royal (Beginning Tuesday 11th March)

Hot from its performance at Saddlers Well’s over the Christmas holidays, Bourne’s mixture of ballet and innovative dance is an unmissible spectacle. Quickly wipe any imagines of girls in tutus from your mind, Bourne’s Swan Lake is gritty, sensual and sexy – expect suspenders, leather trousers and (well, of course) a fair amount of male swans. Highly recommended for people who have never experienced a full ballet/dance before.

The Gramophones: Playful Acts of Rebellion @ Nottingham Playhouse, Neville Studio (Friday 14th March)

After a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, The Gramophones, an all-female theatre company based in Nottingham, presents an innovative performance – a mixture of spoken word, re-enactment and inventive projects, the audience experience a kind of engaging discussion about rebellion, big and small.

Phantom of the Opera @ Nottingham Arts Centre (Beginning Wednesday 19th March)

Our very own Musicality society is back with their central show of the year. It is certainly a challenging piece, not merely for its operatic vocal requirements, but in terms of set design – how on Earth are they going to drop a crystal chandelier from the ceiling? We’ll have to go and see.

Romeo and Juliet @ Nottingham New Theatre (Beginning 26th March)

The imaginative director of last term’s ‘Titus’ has picking himself the most famous of Shakespeare’s plays to wrestle with. Like ‘Titus’, we can expect modern dress and the director promises to bring out both the comedy and tragedy in this monster of Bardian creation. His got his hands full – but we’re hoping for great things.  

Eve Wersocki Morris

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