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Eight Candidates Withdraw From SU Elections 2014

Eight candidates have now withdrawn from the SU Elections 2014. There are now 50 candidates.

The latest candidate to withdraw from the elections is Sam Todd, who was running for Mature Students Officer. This leaves the position uncontested with John Chatterjee-Woollman as the only remaining candidate.

Sam told Impact: “I ran with the only the best intentions in mind. I believed my youth and enthusiasm would be of benefit to the community.

However, the unwelcome and unfriendly response I received from members of the Mature Student Association forced me to reevaluate my motivations for running, as a result, I have decided I lack the ability and experience to satisfactorily represent the Mature Student community and must withdraw my candidacy.

I wish the best of luck to the other candidate in his on-going campaign.”

Friday 28th February

On Friday 28th February Jack Benjamin Salter, current SU LGBT Officer, who was running for SU President withdrew from the elections.

Jack Benjamin Salter, current SU LGBT Officer and former SU President Candidate, told Impact:

“I’ve now submitted my withdrawal from the elections, and it has been accepted. My reasons for doing so are that, over the last month or so, I have put a lot of energy into LGBT History Month, my course and a number of other projects.

I have not had a chance, really, to recover the energy that that’s taken, and feel to stand in the elections would take the only energy I have remaining. I have therefore decided to prioritise my wellbeing, my degree and my commitments to the Network.”

Tuesday 25th February 2014:

On Tuesday 25th February 2014, Pelumi Owoseje, who was running for SU Community Officer; and Yixiu Jiang, who was running for SU Education Officer, withdrew from this year’s SU Elections.

Yixiu Jiang, former SU Education Officer candidate, told Impact that she had decided to withdraw from the election because she didn’t believe that she could campaign sufficiently without putting the final year of her degree in jeopardy.

Jiang then added that she will continue to encourage the SU to implement her idea of an ‘International Learning Group’. She wishes the other candidates the best of luck in the election.

Pelumi Owoseje was unavailable for comment.

Monday 24th February 2014:

On Monday 24th February 2014, Lauren Godin, who was running for Students’ Union (SU) Disabled Students’ Officer; Boudicca Palmer Roberts, who was running for SU Activities Officer; as well as YOLO (aka Thomas Mees) and Josh Powell, who were running for SU President, withdrew from the SU election.

Lauren Godin, former SU Disabled Students’ Officer candidate, told Impact:

“I would have loved to have run in this years election but I am currently unsure about if I am going to continue with my course in September. For this reason I felt it unfair to run but would like to stand in the future if I remain at Nottingham. I wish the other candidates success with their campaign”.

Josh Powell, former SU President candidate, told Impact: 

“I cannot contest this election because I won a Masters scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania and I have not had confirmation that I will be able to defer my entry – so it would be unfair for me to run knowing that I may have had to turn the position down if I had won the election. My name was [also] not actually meant to be on the list disclosed to everyone. I offer my very best wishes to all the other candidates”.

Boudicca Palmer Roberts and YOLO (aka Thomas Mees) were unavailable for comment.

The list of candidates has therefore been amended as follows:


Johnny Lawrence
Callum Morris
Harry Copson
James Potts
Katie Williams
Mandour Jr.
Tom Hicks

Activities Officer:

Hugh Purves
Joe Caunce
Jonathan Davis
Nick Mugridge

Sports Officer:

Adam Turner
Chloe Scott-Mearns
Frazer Bowen
Jack Mousley
Jon Spinks
Kiri Madhani

Community Officer:

Ben Haddock
Mike Olatokun
Charlotte Youngs
Paul Thomas

Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer:

Andrew Hadley
Chloe Averill
Seonaid Deuchar

Education Officer:

Adam BK
Alex Turner
Paulina Niemczewska
Pratheek “Raff” Badrinath
Greg Timms

Postgraduate Officer:

Anas Elhag
Chelsea Wright
Chioma Eke
Noorulann Shahid
Sarah Clayton

Environment and Social Justice Officer:

Duncan Davis
Kevin Hassan
Emily Holmes

BME Officer:

Huda Alfardus
Nadhya Kamalaneson
Prince Phathisani Ncube

Disabled Students’ Officer:

James Storm Otieno

International Students’ Officer:

Abel Hartman
Alexandra Pinzariu
Ting Li
Van Q Bui
Zhao Yue

LGBT Officer:

Andrew Jowitt
Pheebs Lau

Mature Students’ Officer:

John Chatterjee-Woolman

Women’s Officer:

Emma Ehrenberg & Beth Searby

Campaigning starts now. Voting will open on the Thursday 6th March 2014 at 9am and results of the winning candidates will be announced on the evening of the Friday 14th March. Voting closes at 3pm on this day.

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