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Impact On the Campaign Trail: Day 3

With voting opening tomorrow, Students’ Union (SU) election candidate campaigning has slowly begun to spread onto campus.

Candidates kept followers updated via Twitter this morning, with Joe Caunce announcing that today would be a “big day of campaigning” on both University Park and Jubilee Campus.

Tom Hicks was also on campus bright and early, giving out lollipops near the North Entrance. Hicks tweeted that though it was “pretty cold”, he was “happy to be out talking to people”.

Hicks went on to announce that he planned to spend the day at Sutton Bonington today, and was ‘super excited’ to talk to people at the farmer’s market. Rival James Potts, also running for President, was similarly planning to make an appearance at the farmer’s market at Sutton Bonington later in the day.

Despite this media presence, candidates are slow to start campaigning in person. Impact spoke to Amelia and Sarah, who appeared not to know any of the candidates: “I haven’t seen anyone’ said Amelia, ‘I haven’t even seen any t-shirts”.

WP_20140305_002 (2)

Amelia Bates and Sarah Bailey told Impact that they didn’t know “any of the candidates”


Sarah told Impact that she had seen some t-shirts, and someone had been into her lecture to read out their manifesto, but she didn’t know “what was actually happening”.

“I didn’t know that voting opened tomorrow”, she said. “I don’t even know who I would vote for”.

Impact did talk to Mandour Jr., running for SU President, outside Hallward Library. He is, as far as we know, the first candidate to campaign outside the library: usually a popular destination for all candidates. He told Impact he “wasn’t sure” why the other candidates weren’t using Hallward to campaign, but that he was aware that many candidates only received their t-shirts today, so he expected “a big push” tomorrow.

 WP_20140305_003 (2)

Mandour Jr. campaigning outside Hallward Library

He mentioned that the t-shirts have helped, as when he was walking around, “people are looking, really looking” and that hopefully they will start to recognise his red t-shirts.

He also told Impact that tomorrow would be a busy day for him, and let us into a secret: tomorrow, outside Hallward, he plans to re-enact Hyde Park’s infamous Speaker’s Corner. Make sure you stay updated with Impact News so as not to miss any of the exciting events planned by the candidates.

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