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Jono Hoyer caught up with Jamie Boast and Tom Horne from UoN Wind and Saiful Salihudin and Frazer Bowen from UoN Ten Pin Bowling to talk pins, prices and partying…


What is windsurfing?

It’s literally a cross between every water sport you can think of.

The general consensus is that windsurfing is expensive and too technical, what would you say to that?

Well for £15 a year we provide members with full kit, which includes three new sails purchased last year and the opportunity to windsurf all year round. Windsurfing is also a sport where if you want to progress quickly it’s certainly possible. You’ll probably fall in a little if you try new things but at the same time you can still windsurf casually if you prefer to stay reasonably dry. Half of our members had never done windsurfing before so most people are in the same boat, so to speak.

How did you feel when you first windsurfed?

The sport was exhilarating and the people were really chilled and welcoming. It was just great fun as I felt very at ease.

What are the best things about the sport?

It’s the most faced paced non-motor powered water sport; you can reach speeds of in excess of 30mph if you’re good. We offer a very cheap deal which would be inaccessible outside of Uni.  There are also opportunities to go on trips to places like Bristol, Cornwall, and Liverpool and join 250+ people for a weekend full of partying and windsurfing.

Ten-Pin Bowling 

What is the best thing about bowling?

Bowling is always fun. Whether you’re bowling strikes or gutter balls, people are always smiling. As a sport, it can be as competitive as you make it; you can approach it from a completely social perspective or take it quite seriously. Whichever you choose you’ll find you can improve very quickly with a bit of effort and may want to try a tournament, which are great club days out. They’re handicapped so everyone can play together. The lack of division makes for a really friendly club, and excellent atmosphere.

How much is it to join and take part?

It’s £10 for a year’s membership and £6 for three games every time you decide to take part. That is a 25% saving which amounts to quite a lot if you join us every week. We bowl every Thursday at 7pm at MFA bowl in town and then go to the local pub afterwards.

Is there a strong social scene in the society?

We have a group policy: if our members suggest something and are keen to do it, then we try our best to do it. We’re very flexible society in that sense. We have poker nights, laser quests, adventure golf, and we’ve been to greyhound racing as well as Crisis socials. Our members always socialise together outside of the club too.

What else do you offer?

We have qualified instructors to help people of any ability to achieve their goals. We are part of Varsity (although unfortunately it doesn’t count towards the points system). There’s a large range of abilities within Varsity, and you don’t have to be a seasoned pro to bowl for us. We are affiliated with the BTBA so we can offer certificates which recognise people’s ability  on a national level.

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