Bid to Expand Jubilee Campus

The University of Nottingham plans to undertake a major expansion of its Jubilee Campus in the name of science.

Despite the economic downturn currently hampering the country, the University of Nottingham have taken an ‘optimistic’ approach to developing areas of science and technology. The University is going ahead with a massive expansion of its Jubilee campus in Lenton, including plans for a hi-tech industrial estate.

The campus has recently become home to Aspire, the UK’s tallest freestanding structure. The spire cost a huge £800,000, money donated to the University from an ‘anonymous benefactor.’ Land has been acquired near the university sports ground which lies to the west of the Jubilee campus, and will host the first phase of the University’s Innovation Park. Work is already underway on a ten-acre plot.

The work is said to total £200m and the university intends to push ahead with the master plan that was first unveiled in 2004.

One owner of land on the corner of Ilkeston Road and Triumph Road said, ‘We have been approached in the last two months.’ The total cost of the land is thought to be over £5m.

The expansion will create the city’s largest science park, intended to give a major boost to Nottingham’s ambition to be a top science city. The University’s planned expansion will affect existing companies such as Imperial Tobacco and Dairy Crest, two significant employers on Triumph Road. The University may face a struggle to assemble the land required as a spokesman for Imperial Tobacco said: ‘All of our warehouses are in use and we need them. They are not currently for sale.’

By Susannah Sconce


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